Professional Development and Planning

Professional Activity Days

At Viola Desmond Public School, ongoing professional development is an important part of our school culture.  Ensuring all staff (including teachers, EAs, ECEs, custodians, and administrators) are applying the most current best practices is integral to building a strong learning community.

What  do we do on P.A. Days?

Staff focus on numeracy instruction.  On the right, is the slide deck that was shared with staff and below is a document to support teachers who would like to implement Inquiry Bundles to support students in their development of Math fundamentals.

Copy of Viola Desmond PS Math PA Day - October 11, 2019
Copy of October 11 PD Day: Inquiry Bundles

September 16th P.A. Day

September 16th's P.A. Day focused on the topics of Knowledge Building, Make Writing, and Numeracy

Copy of Viola Desmond P.A. Day - September 16, 2019


Unifying Overall Expectations by using Big Ideas

"An idea is “big” if it helps us make sense of lots of confusing experiences and seemingly isolated facts. It’s like the picture that connects the dots..." (Grant Wiggins:

Early in the year grade teams met to create Big Ideas and Concepts that helped link the overall expectations contained in the Ontario Curriculum.

How do grade teams plan for consistency?

The Grade 5 teachers brainstormed together topics for the big idea of human rights. This collaborative process assures consistency across the grade level as teachers share and build upon each other's ideas.

Copy of Inquiry planning.mp4